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The LimbO Waterproof Cast and Bandage Cover for Your Arm or Leg

It used to be that having a cast or bandage meant you had to hang your limb outside the shower or tub, but those days are history with the LimbO cast cover. The LimbO lets you shower and bathe without the fear of getting your cast or bandage wet. The LimbO is designed to be comfortable and will not restrict the blood flow. The LimbO is available for arm, leg, elbow, knee and foot injuries as well as PICC Line (infusion), plus it comes in various adult and child sizes to ensure a more seamless fit.


  • Specially designed not to restrict blood flow
  • Reduced drag on bandages when fitting and removing
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Durable, should last through treatment
  • Adult and child sizes
  • 100% Latex free


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